Creating content with a purpose.


With our combined 45 years of industry experience, we know there many different ways of creating videos, marketing products and developing apps. We also know we’re not the only ones doing any of these.

We do however, know how important it is to stay at the forefront of content production trends - especially when producing videos for business; how you can optimise your content to be better suited for all of your platforms and how important it is to create as much variety out of your content as possible.

Audiences and platforms have changed rapidly in recent years while attention spans have whittled away. This means creating a video that’s both immersive and engaging has a constantly changing benchmark to hit, achieving this requires not only creative risks, but a keen eye for the social media landscape.

We’re here to help you understand the best way to deliver your message with a video that’s optimised for the right platform, a campaign that’s been created from listening to your target audience and with technology in web and app solutions that compliment you.


Our videos will empower your business to reach and engage with new audiences. Immersive content is designed to engage viewers and compel them to take action. Whether that be to watch an entire video and take something from it, share it with like minded people or cast their opinion on it.


Break new ground and engage with audiences in a different way. We can work from a small idea or a full brief to bring an idea to life through combining a variety of video styles and technology to our unique production solutions.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and also brand new start ups. Not only creating videos for them, but creating entire brand campaigns with a focus on the video content. It’s this that really makes us stand out from other agencies along with our experience in creating television programming and short films.

Our focus is on the immersive engagement factor - something you can only really achieve with a video as part of your marketing strategy; especially within social media, where your existing audience wants to be the first person to share ‘that’ new video whilst extending your reach.


We’re an organically grown team, complimenting each other with our wide range of skills, experience and creative ideas.



Managing Director / Producer



Videographer / Editor


Tim Gibson

Content Producer

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Johny Pach

Marketing Consultant


Mohammed Eid



Ileasha Matthew

Content Creator


Fraser Duncan



Matt Mortimer

Production Manager