Project BSL

Carve Works with Bobby Izzard to Create Viral BSL Videos


Carve has been very proud to work with Bobby Izzard to create a series of British sign language videos. 

The videos have already seen a tremendous amount of attention online and in the press. Speaking to the Romford Recorder, 27-year-old Bobby explained why he wanted to make these videos in the first place: “There is a whole deaf community that often goes unseen in mainstream life which has a lot to do with people not knowing how to do sign language. 

“The importance of it is one thing but how handy it is as well - excuse the pun - and how it can enrich your life and those around you are other great reasons to start learning.” 

Bobby first noticed the problem when he was working as a floor manager at the Shepherd and Dog in Harold Wood last year.

“There was a group of deaf people who regularly came in and a few of us thought we’d start to make a bit of effort and learn how to say basic things like “please”, “thank you”, “would you like any water?” and it just went from there. 

“I realised how few people know British Sign Language and wanted to encourage more to learn. 

“I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination so that’s why in the videos, you see me being taught level 1 and a bit of level 2 BSL (British Sign Language). 

“The videos are there to get more people interested in learning it, rather than teaching you everything you need to know. 

“I am really proud of how it’s gone so far and will carry on promoting it as much as possible.”

Project BSL already has 1.3K followers, you can find him on Instagram and Facebook.