The Five Types of Effective Marketing Videos


Successful video marketing doesn’t happen overnight, it requires the careful study of the specific goals of your client, then developing those goals into a strategic piece of content. Through our years of experience we’ve narrowed this down to five successful, and popular, types of marketing videos.


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1. Explainer Videos

These are short, simple and highly effective pieces of content that describe a product or service in a succinct and entertaining way. These videos are often highly targeted to a very specific audience and take on a number of forms: educational, animated, whiteboard animation, etc.


2. Product Videos

These are similar to explainer videos, but the focus is much narrower usually highlighting a single product or service. These videos are good for conveying complex and detailed information in terms suitable for a layman.


3. Company Story Videos & Testimonials

These videos are a great way to convey your company’s values and portray your brand as being relatable. You can incorporate testimonials, vox pops, behind the scenes footage, or footage showing the making of your product or service – all of these things humanise and soften your brand. They are especially important when trying to boost your social media presence and build consumer trust.


4. FAQs Videos

Being able to anticipate a potential costumer’s hesitation or concern with your product or service is an essential part of marketing. What’s even more essential is being able to combat this hesitation. Frequently asked questions videos are a great way to do this: they’re an easily consumable way to answer common issues and a fast way to provide resolution. They also show your customer your product or service is a reliable investment.


5. Educational Videos

These types of videos are often under utilised, which is a shame as a well-executed educational video can an effective part of your inbound marketing content. This type of video can be easily shuttled around your company as an authoritative voice on a topic. It can also be made part of a larger marketing strategy and generate more leads by directing people further into your brand.