Animating celebrities weekly as part of a radio TV show.

Adaku (Ady) and Adam are the hosts of Flash FM, the hottest radio talk show in town. Interviewing a mix of old and new music stars, prank calling their listeners and offering relationship advice. Not that they have the collective relationship record to be giving advice, as fresh faced 22 year olds. 

The show explores the daily lives of our characters as they prepare their daily radio show, the shenanigans they get up to with the stars of the show, juggling their personal relationships, office politics and trying to become social influencers (sic) off the back of the show.

The Talk Show

We’ll be inviting a number of guests onto the show and for the pilot we’re speaking with Idris Elba, Little Mix, MNEK and Todrick Hall.to talk about their new projects, this will be a 5-minute interview that the show always ends on. (A longer podcast will be available after each episode).

The Stars

Part of the show will be our characters meeting the celebrities for the first time in the green room, where they’ll be star struck or unsure of who they are – playing off their young age. We also have a Michael Jackson impersonator who will try and get on the radio show, convincing them that he is the real MJ.

Relationship advice

We’ll encourage real people to call in and ask for relationship advice. Ady, will be sassy and ruthless when it comes to discussing relationships.

Social lives

Two approaches towards what our characters do outside of the radio station and their desire (dark comedy) to become social media influencers. Getting in trouble for promoting fake ipods, getting irritated skin from poor products etc.

Ady, 22, Nigerian, bisexual girl came to London at the age of 14, sexually she sees herself as an explorer, wanting to cross off her list of sleeping with everyone from around the world. Hyperactive, full of energy, this smart and gorgeous girl has men and women falling all over her. A superstar DJ with a love for music.

Adam, a 22 year old lad from Sheffield, is absolutely in love with his co-star, to the point where he’s willing to sleep with men in a threesome to have a piece of her. This shy jock is an amazing dancer, 

They live together, work together, help each other out and love the fact that they have such a wide fan base of listeners.