Urban Retreat



A makeover show that is more than skin deep. 

Enter the world of Urban Retreat, Knightsbridge’s leading hair, beauty and wellness destination for celebrities from Joan Collins to Pixie Lott. 

Taking one person on a journey of healing, self discovery and guidance with the help of experts to give people tools to help heal themselves through trauma and mental health; culminating with a beauty makeover that reflects the new path they’re starting on. 

The programme takes them on a journey that is all about helping an individual with every aspect of their wellbeing, from nutrition, mental health and dealing with trauma through a functional and holistic approach. 

This journey could completely turn their life around with personalised guidance and change work that consists of a wellness makeover of nutrition, meditation and confidence building whilst giving them the tools to help them work through past trauma with a variety of medical and holistic experts; allowing them to begin to make the changes they want in their life.

Set inside a former aristocratic mansion in Knightsbridge, Urban Retreat gives you the tools from the best experts in London to help the journey of beginning to heal yourself.

At the heart of our show we explore peoples struggles with past trauma, confidence, anxiety and personal doubts inside and out. 

Lead by a team of experts in nutrition, movement, mind and breath, naturopath and energy healing – the antidote to mainstream medicine. Alongside the wellness team Dr. E, Women’s coach Sara Goode & Matthew – (breathing expert), Caramia – Naturopath, hypnotherapist and energy healing. 

The backdrop of Urban Retreats is filled with creative characters who make up the treatments team led by Entrepreneur George Hammer.

Each episode we give the viewer education on health and wellness through the journey of Urban Retreat’s client. An insight into our celebrity treatments and entertain them in the wonderful yet chaotic setting of Urban Retreats.